Adelman Peony Gardens has their offering online. A well-known nursery offering many recent introductions. Some of their extensive list: Peppermint, Sonoma Yedo, Sonoma Surprise, Sonoma Halo, Gordon E. Simonson, Pastelegance, New Millennium, Love Affair, Smith Family Yellow, Lois’ Choice, Lemon Chiffon, Joanne Marlene, Sonoma Apricot, Christmas Velvet, Goldilocks, Pastel Splendor, Carnation Bouquet, Etched Salmon, Chocolate Soldier, Salmon Dream, White Innocence, Katharine, Mahogany, Lovely Rose, Honor, Garden Peace, and several shrubby (tree) peonies as well.

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  1. Bob 9 months ago

    This year they (briefly) offered "Kristin Joy" a Laning peony that I provided the divisions that they started their stock with. Lanning offered this variety at the same time he offered "Lois’ Choice" but I’ve yet to hear of another person besides myself that purchased it from him. A single, particularly floriferous, and one of those varieties that stands out in the field for it’s bright red color. As I understand, they sold out of it within the first few days that their catalog was available. One other interesting thing : All of their tree peonies are offered as bare root divisions, and are grown in the fields and divided in the same manner that normal herbaceous peonies are. These divisions can be enormous at times. Their plants of "Alexander Woollcott" were great looking and very vigorous in the fields last spring, so they would be a great source for this sometimes-wimpy-grower and often hard to find variety. They should also have "Helen Matthews" another rare "flag red" hybrid like AW available in a couple of years.

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