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The Blooming season takes place in a time frame of 2 months, April and May, and in our garden, it generally follows this pattern:

Single flower tree peonies are the first to bloom together with the semi-double flower tree peonies, which flower from early April to mid April. They are then followed by double-flower tree peonies and when they finish around late April, the peonies belonging to the P. rockii species begin to bloom. Flowering of the Rocki peonies ends by mid May and, at the same time, the delavayane peonies flower. Early May also sees the blooming of the herbaceous peonies, that generally gratify our visitors until the end of May.

Peony flowering time coincides with that of the viburnum, prunus, wisteria and climbing rose, making for lots of striking areas to visit in our garden.

Blooming Season 2020
The Moutan Botanical Centre will be open for the blooming season 2020 from Saturday April 4th till Sunday May 31st. *, including during all festivities and Holidays.

During this period of time, many activities will take place at the Peony Garden: we will discover the history of this amazing garden with dedicated guided tours and there will be “creative green labs” to bring peolple closer to plants in general and Peonies in particular.

The 2020 Blooming season programme will be published shortly.

*The dates of the blooming season may vary, depending on the weather conditions. Any changes will be promptly reported both on the website and on the social media.

Admission costs for the blooming season of 2020:

€ 5.00 full price;
€ 3.00 reduced price (children from the age of 10 to 16; senior over 65; disabled and their caretakers);
€ 4,00 for groups of more that 15 participants with full tickets
Free for children under the age of 10.
Ticket include participation to events with a botanical theme that will take place at the gardewn during the Blooming Season 2019, for which an additional charge is not required.

Dogs are allowed in the park as long as they are kept on a leash and their owners pick up after them. Owners are liable for any damage caused by their dogs to people or to the property.

Golf cart service
The gardens can be visited by electrical golf cart, upon specific request and reservation by e-mail to [email protected]

Guided tours
Those who wish to deepen their knowledge of peonies can book a guided tour. The cost of the tour is € 20.00. The guided tour takes about 40 minutes and has to be booked in advance. ( +39.0761.300490 – cell ph. +39 348 76 17155 – [email protected])

We suggest to book your garden tour in english in advance.

Contacts: +39.0761.300490 – cell ph. +39 348 76 17155

e-mail: [email protected]

Parking for buses
A special parking area for Buses is available close to the Botanical Centre, located in Vitorchiano-Pallone, (in the Province of Viterbo)

Click here to get the directions:

The Centre offers a large car park close to the entrance, free and unsupervised.

Colour Café
During the blooming season, the Colour café will be open on week-ends (Saturday – Sunday – National Holidays from 12 till 3 pm) with a selection of traditional plates.(reservation is recommended)

During weekdays the Botanical Centre will be open nonstop (9.30 am- 6 pm) from Monday to Friday and it will be possible to have a quick lunch or any at the Bakery



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