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    Hi folks. I may have asked this before – but is it possible to propagate Peonies by cuttings in any way – stem, or leaf etc? Many thanks for any information. Brian.

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    • No, that won’t work with peonies. There aren’t that many ways of propagating peonies. Herbaceous ones are exclusively propagated through division. Seeds don’t give plants identical to the mother and would take many years anyway. Tree peonies are propagated through division or grafting onto (herbaceous) rootstocks. If I’m not mistaken layering would also be a possibility with the tree peonies, but I have very little experience with tree peonies. Tissue culture (or bud culture) is sometimes done, it works quite fine with tree peonies, works good with intersectionals, but is a challenge within the herbaceous ones, with some refusing totally to cooperate. Even if it works tissue culture gives you very small plantlets, comparable to first year seedlings and they will also need another 4-5 year to first flower. It is only worthwhile for new cultivars consisting of only a few plants. So, there is no fast and easy shortcut…

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