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    Alain posted in the group Species Peonies International Network (SPIN)

    1 year ago · updated 1 year ago

    Paeonia daurica ssp. wendelboi is ready to flower but I lost P. decomposita and P. daurica ssp. velebitensis.

    • P. decomposita is also struggling here. Hasn’t grown last year it seems. I had them in horticultural crates for some time and wanted to plant them outside last year. But I didn’t have any place nor time then to move them all and left one such crate under deep shade of trees. It grew very well there actually. Then I moved it to my other species to grow and that’s where it is now. And struggling. It has a shading net and is on an elevated platform which should be drier and draining water better. But clearly from the results I see now, they need far more shade…

      As to P. daurica ssp velebitensis, I dug and divided it. Got three divisions. One sent away, the two others replanted. One clearly dead and the other more or less on its’ deathbed I fear, completely yellow foliage by now. Perhaps, just perhaps, it might survive, I hope so, it was very pretty last year. I had another small one which stayed where it was, but it also died. It seems the same species always give the most problems, my P. wendelboi is also doing fine and about to flower, so that’s apparently an easier one.

      Others that have gone to peony-heaven: P. clusii, P. cambessedesii, P. sterniana, P. turcica, P. parnassica, P. mascula hellenica. Some that are doubtful: P. mascula ssp mascula from Cyprus (one good one about to flower, another died), P. kesrouanensis (one large one which already flowered, other died), P. sandrae (nearly totally rotted, I cut it away and the more or less healthy part replanted which had a very small eye, so it may survive). I have some other plants of P. turcica and P. mascula hellenica also still growing, so those are not completely gone, but they have decreased in size instead of increased.

      Thank you for your images!

      • Thank you for your comments Koen, they are useful for our experience. P. decomposita received too much rain as we have had heavy rains and frosts just after. I will have a look to P. velebitensis in autumn and will dig it for a division if it is possible. I have a small 2 years aged seedling of P. clusii received from F. Depalle which grows well like P. cambessedesii. Unfortunately I’ve lost P. peregrina which was not planted at a right place.


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