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  • Elsa Sass, the last flowering one we use for cutting here. This marks the end of our peony cut flower season. A good one, these are third year plants. Last year the stems were a little thin and short, but they’ve made up for that now, taller and some 90% of stems very sturdy.

  • Myrtle Gentry, which is, according to many growers, the most fragrant herbaceous peony. Late flowering, full double pale pink on stems sturdy enough. Alas, it doesn’t grow very well here and I’ve lost a few plants of it over the years, otherwise it would top my ‘favourite pink’ list. The fragrance of this one is simply fantastic.

  • Large scale peony cut flower growing somewhere in Austria.

  • CC-1-1, which descends two generations down from Coral Charm. Many sidebuds and a better stature, but of course a single flower and a totally different colour.

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    • It does fade into a soft peach yellow, quite attractive when you have all stages of the flower on the same plants I must say.

  • Paeonia peregrina in Romania, seems to grow in open forests, thus full sun might not be the best option to grow this one?

  • A new good seedling flowering for the first time. Parentage uncertain.

  • Here’s a picture of my own lactiflora white. Used to name it Serendipity, but final registration name shall be Mieke Bral, as my better half likes it very much.

  • OFF-4, which is Old Faithful x Coral Charm. This one (and the previous one CC-1-1) from Hans Maschke. Nice one, many good qualities, but the stems tend to fall open, despite them being as sturdy as its mother.

  • Too hot to be able to enjoy them much. This is Canary Brilliants, second year plants, and a lot of flowers have already been cut, but one can clearly see they grow fast. They are basically grown for their reblooming capability, but they are selling well at this time also, notwithstanding that they open very fast.

  • Here’s a rare mutation from Coral Sunset, being sold at the Dutch flower auctions as Kingsday. It’s unregistered I think. As the national colour of Holland is orange, it’s a fitting name for this cultivar, it being less salmon and indeed more orange (Kingsday is a national holiday in Holland to honour their King). I personally experience quite…Read More

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  • Bowl of Cream, a favourite double white cut flower. Some growers don’t want it anymore because it doesn’t give them many stems. I cannot complain about that however, some 10 on average here.

  • A sunny and warm day we have, peonies going fast. Here’s what I consider to be the best single yellow: Concordia Droysen. Exceptional plant habit and an attractive lime yellow colour.

  • This is 44-T, an unregistered plant from Harald Fawkner. I’m starting to like it. It’s a hybrid with very sturdy stems and has large flowers. What makes it really stand out from the crowd is the flower form, this one has ‘Japanese’ flowers, meaning the stamens are transformed into very small staminodes, devoid of any pollen. This flower form is…Read More

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  • Féerie, a hybrid with P. peregrina, bred by Cayeux, unregistered, although some offspring is. Upright growth, looks good.

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  • These are some failures within my seedlings, flowering now (Coral Sunset is now blooming, if you want to have an indication of their blooming period) . Flower pretty enough, but usually the plant habit is poor or they have ‘open buds’ which is something I don’t want.

  • Paeonia emodi. Not a particularly easy species to grow. Buds and flowers are very frost prone, although the plant itself is hardy enough. Early Windflower or Late Windflower are far superior, but then you don’t have the species of course. It’s difficult to buy the true species, unless you start from seed as I did. The species has foliage with less…Read More

  • A new seedling flowering for the very first time. Belleville x Vanilla Schnapps. Pale yellow and tall from large well covered buds. Looks good, needs some additional years to make a final decision of course 😉

  • One of my favourites, and surely my current top pick for a successful cut flower. Grand Massive, early, semi double white with closed, white buds. Very floriferous and an extraordinarily increaser. Sturdy stems, large buds, good stem length. I’d project this one to end up in the top 10 most sold cut flowers eventually, which is a bold statement,…Read More

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  • Pink Vanguard, which has as its parents Salmon Dream and Blushing Princess. It resembles the latter more than the former and grows far better than both here.

  • Another seedling ‘PVLB Pretty Foliage’. The name already implies what is best about it, the flower and plant stature is ok, but not spectacular. The leaflets are heavily divided as can be seen. No ‘segments or lobes’ but just a lot of small leaflets, sometimes arranged one over the other. One of the plants which I consider to be very attractive…Read More

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