• I can pretty much guarantee that Old Faithful is NOT a triploid, but a fertile tetrapolid instead.   It may have difficulty setting lots of seeds as a seed parent because of the physical nature of it’s carpals, but as a pollen parent it’s pollen sets seeds on other fertile tetraploid varieties just as well as pollen from any other tetraploid…[Read more]

  • Gang,

    This is probably no secret to many of you, but if you are planting with the hope of digging and making divisions in the future, it’s best to plant young seedlings and single or double-rooted divisions horizontally on their sides.   When dividing and making planting pieces with the intent of digging the resulting plants in the future for…[Read more]

  • Dear Hanna,

    Sorry that your question sat here for a while unanswered.  I was not paying as much attention as I should have !

    I understand what you mean.  Should we see differences when we do a “reverse cross” ?

    My sense is that theoretically there should be some differences.  I’m not very knowledgeable about genetics, but since no one with mo…[Read more]

  • Bob and Profile picture of HannahHannah are now friends 6 months, 3 weeks ago

  • Heidi,

    Well, there has to be a reason for all the foliage that persists after bloom time, or else why would it stick around ?  Granted, the plant needs to stay healthy until it ripens it’s seeds in the fall, so perhaps that’s the main reason it hangs on.  But it’s also reasonable to think that it’s building up it’s food supplies for the next s…[Read more]

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  • Bob commented on the post, Christina 1 year ago

    It’s interesting that Mr Krupke said that the prominent carpals on ‘Cristina’ would not make seeds for him, while at the same time, it’s pollen is good. This may (or may not ! ) be the case with other

  • Great to see you here Carsten, and wishing you success with bringing your site up to date.  I know there will be quite a bit of work involved, but even so, it is a wonderful site already.

  • Bob replied to the topic White Vanguard in the forum Magazine articles comments 1 year ago

    Years ago now, Bill sent out a very few seeds which involved WV breeding, and I managed to get one double white seedling from them.  In turn, I used it’s pollen, along with pollen from ‘Greenland’, in a big hybridizing push for early white doubles. Pollen from the seedlings involving WV seemed to give notably better results than seedlings using…[Read more]

  • Koen,

    I don’t get too much botrytis at my home garden – our volcanic sandy soils drain all too well, and our desert climate is naturally dry.  But I do get some of it sometimes, and I see it on certain seedlings at the nursery sometimes as well.

    Really, the only conclusion I’ve been able to draw is that plants which grow in a particularly…[Read more]

  • Paul,

    I’m not sure there is anything special about these flowers per say , but as they are seedlings, given some of the things that Steve was using as parents in his breeding program, if we knew what the parents were they might be of interest to hybridizers.

    I know that Steve formally registered several varieties with interesting parentages, but…[Read more]

  • Thanks for these !   Very informative I thought.

  • Koen,

    I think you are right about Blushing Princess.  The thing tends to make very vigorous seedlings and large plants.  My sense is that it’s children often carry these same qualities.  Bill used it a lot, so his things carry it too.  BP tends to “grow old” in my sandy soils though, and over time I’ve had to get rid of a few of them, and at thi…[Read more]

  • From the Facebook ‘Planet Peony’ group by Bob Johnson, May 24, 2017. As it’s hidden in the ‘stream’ of activities in that group, it’s unlikely that you’d easily find it, which is a pity as it’s an informative

  • Looks pretty encouraging Koen !

    This spring I had a row of about 100 seedlings that bloomed, which were part of a push I made to get good early white hybrids. We selected 16 of them to dig and divide, and then grow for another rotation. Of the 40 seedlings of Lemon Chiffon x Greenland, I think we kept one. Of 26 seedlings of Blushing…[Read more]

  • Bob commented on the post, "Serendipity" 1 year, 4 months ago

    Looks pretty encouraging Koen !

    This spring I had a row of about 100 seedlings that bloomed, which were part of a push I made to get good early white hybrids. We selected 16 of them to dig and divide, and then

  • So much of what he has to say about the excitement of peonies is exactly what people say today.  🙂

  • Bob replied to the topic How to post in the forum General discussion forum 1 year, 4 months ago


    Am I right that members are not permitted to start tropics in the “Magazine” section ?

    I posted an article there once in the past, but now it says that the Magazine forum is locked.

  • Dear Luriel,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your misfortunes, but seeds mane life, and have a way of keeping us in the present it seems.  And keeping us looking towards the future as well.

    But mice, and creatures who eat out seedlings !  They are discouraging it’s true !  I’m sorry that they are causing you so many problems outdoors !

    If I am re…[Read more]

  • Yes, these things are certainly different than the lactiflora “cactus” things, and I’m excited by them myself.

    What I meant about varieties perhaps getting worse referred to some experiences I had this year.  We had a  long row of “advanced selections” which were basically divisions which were taken from seedlings which had not been divided b…[Read more]

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