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    I’ve now spent the entire day surfing on the internet, studying web pages in Ukraine, USA and finally Japan.

    I got as far as to Daikon-island in Japan, next to the city of Matsue, and a garden there called “Yuushien”. On their web page I found information about the tree peony ‘King of Flowers’, which has been cultivated by Saburo Watanabe on…[Read more]

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    Koen, you Beaut!!! First you say you know nothing about Kao, and then you proceed to give me  information about it,  not from one but three different sources! =)  Yes, this is absolutely the same cultivar as mine, and as long as no-one calls it COW, I’m fine with any other spelling… I will definately look up Martin Pages book, but since I am es…[Read more]

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    I bought one of these from the Nordic Garden Expo in Stockholm this spring. It’s the first tree peony ever for me, so I’ve tried to find some information about its origin, cultivator, and the meaning of the name ‘Kao.’ This has proven to be quite a difficult task… I do find information about Suffruticosas in general (sight selection, planting,…[Read more]

  • Simply Beauuuuuutiful! What an amazing culture! What amazing flowers! Not speaking chinese didn’t bother me at all; as we all know a picture can say more than a thousand words… This certainly made me WISH I could speak chinese, or that we had more contact with chinese-speaking friends, so we could find out more about the backgrounds of certain…[Read more]

  • Thank you for this post Bob! It seems quite logical that peonies (that are rather “slow growers”, but keep on going for decades), would go through this procedure of starting the development of new stems already on the year previous to their actual growth above ground. Thank you for calling our attention to that; I know I will certainly keep this…[Read more]

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