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    Somewhat different to most peonies when sprouting. Paeonia tenuifolia first, then P. brownii a few days later compared to the earlier posted image and finally the already finely dissected young foliage of P. decomposita.

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  • khurtekant posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Just sprouting… Contrary to all other peony species, the American ones – this one P. brownii, send their seed up above the soil. As it’s difficult to grow, better take a picture before it’s gone I was thinking 😉

  • From Bob Johnson:

    Reading the “Peaonia” Newsletter.

    I’ve been spending the last few days reading my way through the Paeonia Newsletter. Thanks to Koen, the full 32 years are available here on the website. I’m just about through to the end of the 1970’s, and am finding it informative from many angles. Historically it’s wonderful to watch Lanni…[Read more]

  • image


    A strange thing to be seen. P. clusii was taken from artificial cold storage to the greenhouse in September. It grew fine, too small to flower. It has remained green until now more or less. In November and December temperatures in the greenhouse were low, but always above freezing temperatures, whilst from mid-December temperature went up…[Read more]

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    Site came crashing down last night. Didn’t have time to fix it then, but back online now. Automatic peony news gathering took too much memory on the server, hopefully the increase given now will make it run smoothly.

  • A question for those who may know more about it:

    “I’m looking for info on back-crossing of shrubby. exactly, I need the description of the F2A and F2B of Saunders, used by Daphnis for its first back-crossing of lutea hyb. the saunders numbers were  12788  and 16718.” It was asked by @benedictedefoucaud and although I’ve heard of these, I don’t k…[Read more]

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    Welcome to the site. Nice collection of peonies. I know several of them, but not all. If you would have an ‘open day’ for your garden, feel free to add it to the ‘events overview’ (which you can do in your account page).

    • Hello and thank you!
      We’re contemplating an open garden day this July. If we proceed, it will coincide with Finland’s national garden day program which is coordinated through Avoimet Puutarha avoimetpuutarhat@puutarhaliitto.fi
      Thank you for the information re: adding event. Once we confirm our intentions & plans for the open day I will certainly…[Read more]

  • Welcome Carsten,

    See the private message I’ve sent you.

    All the best,


  • Hello Yuri,

    carl g. KlehmWelcome to the site, I hadn’t expected posts in Russian, but the translation option seems to work well and I’m able to understand what you’ve written. I’m very glad you’ve said something about your favorite whites. The only one that I grow of those you mention is Carl G. Klehm (pictured left). That one is currently a favorite for many…[Read more]

  • 'Bartzella' x 'Lemon Chiffon' (180525)Apparently there’s some interest into the current state of peony back crossing. @benedictedefoucaud asked about this (in french) “Bonjour, je cherche des informations sur les back crossing de pivoines pratiqués en ce moment. merci.”

    I guess she’s not referring to simply backcrossing a (lactiflora) cultivar to one of its parents which is nothing…[Read more]

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    Bonjour, j’ai envoyé une invitation pour joindre la groupe Hybridizers’ corner où il y a quelques personnes qui en savent beaucoup. Quand j’aurais plus de temps j’écrirais une article pour le site concernant d’autres websites avec plus d’informations sur les pivoines. Mais cela peut prendre un peu de temps.

  • I was reading an article about peony diseases today and it happened to mention (partial) resistance to botrytis (grey mould). This is an interesting topic as I would very much like to incorporate some resistance into some of my seedlings. After all, there’s no cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) way to control that disease than by growing…[Read more]

  • khurtekant posted a new activity comment 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    That’s also a possibility of course 🙂 The Pink Vanguard I had growing was already dug and divided when I took the picture, so I cannot compare. I do remember Pink Vanguard having good foliage, but I am not sure it remained nicely green so late in the season. I’ll have to take another look at it next year.

  • The peony images in the word document are not particularly appealing to my eyes. If they would be growing in my seedling field, I’m pretty sure they would be discarded. I’m not opposed against single flowered peonies, although the market for them is far smaller, but I do prefer well formed petals. The red one is more or less interesting for…[Read more]

  • The peony season in the Southern hemisphere is now in full swing. Both in South America, Australia and in New Zealand. Some of those are exported to the USA, Europe and Japan of course.

    Here are a few images from a peony seedling field currently in full bloom from Paul and Esther Simmons, who grow and hybridize paeonies (yes, written that way in…[Read more]

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    November 6 today, some peonies haven’t been mowed down for Winter. This seedling, garden name Kato001, seems able to compete with the itohs for remaining green foliage. Parentage is Pink Vanguard x Lavender Baby. Might it be a Paeonia coriacea characteristic?

    • In my opinion it’s not Coriacea Charasteric but it comes from Pink Vanguard which has extremely durable foliage in my garden as well.

      • That’s also a possibility of course 🙂 The Pink Vanguard I had growing was already dug and divided when I took the picture, so I cannot compare. I do remember Pink Vanguard having good foliage, but I am not sure it remained nicely green so late in the season. I’ll have to take another look at it next year.

  • Pioenentelers Joshua en Jeremy Scholten in Lutjebroek (NH) hebben samen het bedrijf X, ook wel bekend als de Peony Shop Holland. De X staat voor het Romeinse cijfer tien, een naam die voortkomt uit de passie van Jeremy voor de Romeinse tijd. De blik is echter meer op Rusland gericht dan op Italië. “Rusland is een belangrijke markt voor ons, ee…[Read more]

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