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    Hi guys, and Happy New Year!
    The last days I have read some articles about making intersectional peonies. I found an article in Paeonia which is very hands on on how to make an intersectional…[Read more]

  • <p style=”text-align: justify;”>I don’t have any precise locations myself as unfortunately I’m not living in that beautiful country. But that map is from a (long) article on peonies in Italy, “N. G. Passalacqua & L. Bernardo (2004) The genus Paeonia L. in Italy: taxonomic survey and revision, Webbia, 59:2, 215-268.” I suppose you have it,…[Read more]

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    Thanks for those images! They show the species well, from sprouting to seeds. The foliage I’ve always found pretty in this one and it is much nicer than the widely cultivated Paeonia officinalis ‘Rubra Plena’.

    • It’s a real pleasure for me to show the beautiness of wild Paeonia officinalis L. subsp. italica N.G.Passal. & Bernardo, endemical specie founded on my SIBILLINI MOUNTAINS in the center of italian Appennino.

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    Those interested to know more about the professional peony growing business in Alaska, a new article in Chronica Horticulturae (the members monthly magazine of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)) tells all about it.
    Holloway, P. “Peonies as field grown cut flowers in Alaska.” In: Chronica Horticulturae, vol 59, nr 3, 2019,…[Read more]

  • Last year Pietertje Vriend Wagenaar was honored with the Gold Medal 2018 and thus became the 2019 peony of the year (this year the award went to Angel Emily). For me it was a bit unexpected as I would have chosen

    • I’ve had signs of this same sort of speckled pigmentation show up in some of my herbaceous hybrid seedlings. Nothing as dramatic as happened with ‘The Fawn’ but it does seem like a phenomenon which can show up in other instances too.

      Bob Johnson

  • Hello Hannah,

    Unfortunately it is not. I’ve tried several times but could never find usable pollen nor carpels. Cutting it down to promote growth of the secondary smaller buds didn’t help either, I got smaller flowers but they were still double.

    I’d very much like a seedling of it because it’s very good, but I’m afraid it’s a dead end when it…[Read more]

  • Hello all,

    I got an e-mail conversation with someone who thought it a good idea to hybridize for very late flowering peony varieties. “That’s a good idea,” is what I’m thinking here. My own hybridizing goals are within the early flowering ones, partly because that’s when I still have time to make some controlled crosses. Now it would be nice to…[Read more]

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    If you cannot click through to the article, then right click and choose ‘open in another tab’.

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    An article about peony growing in warmer and colder climates to lengthen the season at both sides.


  • Hello,

    The peonies I grow in my garden don’t have any support. I only grow peony varieties that don’t need support. So I cannot add much to the discussion. Several of the lactifloras need support, Sarah Bernhardt amongst them and it is a widely grown one. But you could easily choose a variety with stronger stems (The Fawn for example). Same thing…[Read more]

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    Pretty images 🙂 Are those species (if so: which?) or seeds from open/controlled crosses?

  • khurtekant replied to the topic Tree peonies in the forum Species 9 months ago

    Well, I’m glad it was helpful.

    Thumbs up that they grow well. The description from the Ukrainian site gives frost hardiness up to minus 30°C, which is quite hardy of course. But long ago when I  studied as an exchange student in Kobenhavn, I used to know a Finnish girl and when I once remarked that it was rather cold she told me at her place t…[Read more]

  • khurtekant replied to the topic Tree peonies in the forum Species 9 months ago

    Hello Heidi,

    I don’t know anything about that suffruticosa cultivar specifically. The Chinese and Japanese suffruticosa cultivars are more often than not unregistered with the American Peony Society (APS) which has been the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) since 1974. If you go to their database you’ll find several more common…[Read more]

  • It doesn’t always work when you try something new, but sometimes the results are undeniable. The two rows with red leafs on the right are the same as the one left from it, two year old plants growing outside.

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    Last one is caucasica alba, the one before it with the olive green foliage is bodurii.

  • Paeonia emodi, P. caucasica hybrid, P. caucasica alba, P. mascula ssp bodurii

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