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    @leena @khurtekant
    I do have a selection from my Lorelei. Found this mutation in 2011, in the week that my (not-so-little-girl-anymore) was born. Logic and with the heart in my head, I have garden named it after her: Nikita. Ever since I have been monitoring this mutation, to see if remains stabile. And so far it does. I have been propagating it…Read More

    • Dear Ruud, thanks for your prompt reply. I did write once about this (with photos) on the APS Fb group, addressing Don H, but never received any comments or replies from anyone. I had just one flower (last year) on a stem in the corner of the plant (which seems to have an officinalis tendency to wander around). I will keep a close eye on the…Read More

      • Actually the crawling habit might be more the peregrina pedigree (it is believed that Rubra Plena etc. are of peregrina pedigree also). For me Lorelei is a wonderful grower. True, the first two years it can be slow compared to others. But then… It just takes off! I am picking 15-20 stems per plant from my cut flower block (picture) every year.
        I…Read More

        • My Rubra Plena is all over the place and peregrina stays put. Hm….How wonderful it would be if this blonde version of ‘Lorelei’ was a ‘Nikita’ – you know I have it on my wish list since you showed me the photo for some years ago, but I never thought it would be a Lorelei mutation. I will certainly keep you posted, and hugs to the Real N.

          • @ruud – found a very bad photo of the plant from last year with both flower colours.

          • Very odd, to me. No double appearances in my Lorelei’s nor in my “Nikita’s”. My selection is 100% similar to Lorelei, in every aspect. And my Nikita with long hair enjoyed your hug very much!

            • We’ll see what happens this year! I will keep you posted. The “blonde” flower appeared for the first time last year, it might have been due to the two dry seasons.


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