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  • Got a seedling 2015 from Teppi and it had rather small and not very attractive flowers, but there was something about the color of the flower that appealed to me. The leaves were stout and quite tall, so I suspected that the flowers would develop as the root grew larger. Today it makes single and semi-double flowers now and the color is really…Read More

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  • What sets the standard for a normal species and what counts as variation within a species? When I think of our garden varieties, should I really count them as one species or should they all be classified as some type of hybrid with more or less species equal traits?
    In picture is a seedling from a P. delavayi

    • Endless discussions can be had about what species are. And as you may know, there are ‘splitters’ and ‘lumpers’. Biological (do they cross easily), morphological (do they look alike) and genetic (how different is the DNA) definitions are possible and even there you have the question of how much difference is needed to have another species or…Read More

      • Thanks, I have some other delavayi and they have much wider leaves, but have seen that reds may have these more fernleaf. For many years mine have been really low only 20-30 cm but this year past 70 cm and still growing.

  • Bought some seedlings for some years ago and this one with name P. mascula ssp arietina. Never seen any of my other peony seedling with this yellowish leafs color. This is fourth year in garden and it seems to grow slowly… or is this something else?

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    • Not sure what it is, small seedlings tend to look somewhat different. I’ve gotten a few such seedlings with yellow leaves, but here they tend to die slowly. Yellow leaves tend to scorch in full sun and the plants grow slowly. If you’re looking for an arietina (not mascula ssp arietina), then perhaps you could try P. arietina ‘Northern Glory’ which…Read More

  • Bought a peony from Belgium in February, but was not what I expected. Wondering what it might be? Suspects that it is a P. daurica.

  • Have a ‘Mary Gretchen’ and in late summer 2020 I see a lot of ants around the root, hade to dig it up and the root was damage so I cut away all damage part and got five small roots. Planted after some days and last year all grow up and now they are on there way again! From 1 to 5 plants, happy!

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