• A nice website about peony research is HortAlaska. Maintained by Pat Holloway it follows all good (scientific) peony publications with some remarks and readers can

  • Today I saw some nice peony images in an Instagram post from Saaremaa Puukool, which is apparently a nursery in Estonia. They are from one particular favorite of mine, which is a double white lactiflora peony

  • The Peony Society posted an update 7 months ago

    And here’s a video showing what is probably France’s most famous nursery: Pivoines Rivière:

  • The Peony Society posted an update 7 months ago

    Still in the making is a directory of nurseries, societies and peony gardens. Takes longer than expected. Those that have grown peonies for a long time will be familiar with most specialized nurseriers, but for those only now getting into the game, it might be interesting to find more information where people can also share their experiences.…[Read more]

  • A recent article in Greenity, a Dutch trade journal, talked about peony growing. Quite interesting and as nearly all visitors to this site won’t be able to understand it as it’s written in Dutch, here’s our manual

  • Two years ago we found a mutated plant in one row of Rozella plants.  Instead  of  the usual dark pink blooms, we found a plant with half of the stems delivering beautiful pale pink ones. Rozella being an ex

  • Many peony shows have been going on. This was the Dutch peony show at CNB (a very large plant brokering company).

  • Some temporary issues have arisen (it seems to never stop). Hence the homepage is a simpler backup version until the magazine articles overview works fine again. The news updating process has been allocated even more memory resources as it seems it keeps asking for more and more perpetually and when not having enough slows down the site or crashes…[Read more]

  • Some site statistics for those interested. Statistics are collected through Google analytics since nearly one year, otherwise it’s difficult to know whether you’re reaching some people or not. One gets a lot of information from this, no wonder they make a lot of money from ‘targeted advertising’ (mention: we have no intention of showing adverts…[Read more]

  • A short time ago we posted an image of one of our polyethylene tunnels with peonies in. This was just to show how they were growing, but as it turned out some people showed

  • Registration for the site seems to be failing currently. Can’t have been for a long time as less than three days ago Yuliya was able to register. We’ll try to solve it, if in the meantime you’d like to register for the site, send an email to info@peonysociety.eu and we’ll add you manually.

  • Still unable to solve the issues, but perhaps the current alternative isn’t too bad. It’s not finished, but the goal would be to have all news items together as images with the text appearing when hovering over it. Then after it the option to go to the more detailed options of nurseries, societies, species and so on. So less images in total which…[Read more]

  • Some problems with the news streams. No time to solve it now, so currently only the nurseries news is being updated.

  • The Peony Society posted a new activity comment 10 months, 1 week ago

    Bonjour. L’événement ‘Festival Québécois’ était déjà dans la liste et parce qu’il deviendrait un double à cause de ça, je l’ai jeté. J’ai ajouté toutes les informations disponibles à ce moment, vous pouvez en ajouter plus chez les remarques ou me contacter directement pour changer quelque chose. Merci bien.

  • Site statistics for January. Some 1,600 unique visitors who in total visited the site 2,800 times. Bounce rate is the percentage of users that remain on the first page of the site where they arrive. Since most users arrive at the home page and all latest news is gathered there, it would seem logical that this will always be a very high number.…[Read more]

  • For most peonistas it will already be known, but in case you may have missed the latest major event in the peony world: what once used to be the Walhalla for any peony lover, but became a desolate place the last

  • Small update to the site. It is again possible to chat live. As the number of site visitors is continuing to rise, it does slowly become useful. It is only enabled when logged in, and you can only chat with those members you are ‘friends’ with, so you won’t be bothered by others. There’s also the possibility of group chats if you’re a member of…[Read more]

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