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Peonies as field grown cut flowers in Alaska

Alaska is known more for its oil, fisheries, and tourism industries rather than horticulture. Our tiny population of 740,000 people scattered over nearly 172...

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A long term storage experiment, year 1

About a year ago, an article was published in a Dutch trade journal, Greenity, about long term Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) storage of peonies....

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Fertile shrub hybrids: diploids or tetraploids?

The last few issues of the Paeonia newsletter have been sent to us recently and the collection is now complete for all to download...

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HortAlaska peony website

A nice website about peony research is HortAlaska. Maintained by Pat Holloway it follows all good (scientific) peony publications with some remarks and readers...

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Peony growing in Drenthe

A recent article in Greenity, a Dutch trade journal, talked about peony growing. Quite interesting and as nearly all visitors to this site won't...

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Carsten Burkhardt’s web project Paeonia

For most peonistas it will already be known, but in case you may have missed the latest major event in the peony world: what...

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Peonies on China TV

Although hard to understand what they say if you don't speak any Chinese, this video about peonies follows them around the world, visiting the...

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Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) storage of peonies

The peony flower season lasts only a few weeks as we all know. Although the season has been advanced and prolonged by growing them...

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Site changes and roadmap

#thepeonysociety A lot has been done on the site, but it's a never ending task. The latest thing we've tried to do is some further...

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Automatic bunching of peony cut flowers

This is a small video showing how large scale the peony cutflower trade has grown in Holland. The machine you are seeing is a...

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