Seedling Seidl #243. Parentage: ‘Anna Marie’ x ‘Rosalind Elsie Franklin’. First bloomed 1990’s, first propagated 2004. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Semi-double to double medium lilac lavender with maroon flares. One or 2 flowers per stem; 6 inches (15 cm) in size. Well ruffled and notched petal segments. Five carpels, green; stigmas pink, normal anatomy; sheath red; pollen bearing stamens, filaments red, lighter towards the tip. Fertile pollen, seeds require effort. A short plant to 45 inches (115 cm) that carries its flowers outward and often low, but outstanding for beauty. Bill named the plant to commemorate the Polish Nurse who worked to save Jews during WWII. She was responsible for saving more Jewish lives than any single person during the war. She was captured by the German Gestapo, tortured and sentenced to death. She escaped, survived the war, and was the recipient of many humanitarian awards later in life.


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