The Mackinac Grand

Group: HH

Year Registered: 1992

Breeder/registrant: Reath, D. L.

Parentage: Reath F-3 (Burma Ruby x Moonrise) x Reath E-78

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

first year bloomed 1981. Parentage, Reath F-3 (Burma Ruby x Moonrise) x Reath E-78. Ruffled brilliant orange red hybrid with three or four rows of guard petals, all ruffled. Very fertile as a pod and pollen parent. Fragrant. Seedling # 81-16.

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘The Mackinac Grand’ (Reath, D.L., 1992) Herbaceous Hybrid; Early Midseason; 36″ — A medium-sized, color fast, brilliant warm red, semi-double composed of three to four rows of heavily ruffled and folded, lustrous guard petals. Upon opening, a mound of densely packed stamens is revealed, gently shaped by the natural forces of the unfurling guard petals. Three to six light green, pink tipped carpels sit amidst the pollen laden anthers. The innermost guard petals are erect and fluted, while the outermost guard petals are longer, more tailored and closer to horizontal. In some blooms a few extra, upright, red flag petals, slightly smaller but more ruffled than the guard petals, project through the center of the stamen mound. As the blooms develop, all the petals begin to flare apart, each to its own tendency; thus blooms are variable, every one a unique vehicle for catching, reflecting, and obscuring sunlight. On sunny days blooms exhibit a gamut of modulated red, from deep shades in the shadows to fiery red highlights and the sparkle of sunlight from the petal’s gloss. From afar, the color has great carrying power and always attracts attention. The bush itself has an open, somewhat spreading habit, with strong, rigid, stalks of slightly unequal heights tending to lean, but not bend, away from the center of the plant. Each stalk is densely foliated. Without heat and water stress, foliage should persist and remain clean until fall. A strong grower and reliable bloomer; performance improves with age and stem increase.


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