Seedling 79H18-2. Parentage: Seedling 71Y6-1 x Seedling 74119-5. The seed-parent was a yellow single, yellow being the object of the cross. The pollen parent was a pink double. Has had prior distribution under the garden name “Bill’s Best Yellow.” First bloomed 1982. Light yellow DOUBLE. Flowers are round and double on established plants, semi-double on new plantings. Rounded petals have an irregular toothed edge. Green carpels (4-5) with red stigmas which are not visible on double flowers, but can be seen on semi-double blooms. Pollen bearing stamens are light yellow. Fertile both ways. Fragrance. Foliage is wide and deep green. Each stem produces 1 strong primary bud, but may have up to 3 more secondary buds, making a long bloom season. Stems are tall (36 inches (90 cm)) and strong. No staking is needed. Rapid growth rate.


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