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My first thought is that it could very well be – Micro propagation !!

– If Coral Charm.. has been under the program where you can propagate by micro propagation
we growers are seeing that –  when you propagate this way. other genes can be active.. and other.. as here colors
Also as you mention.. the operater could be interested in removing the odor, as it is not nice as Coral Charm.. or Coral Sunset either

It is often used, as if you have the money to do it.. you can very easy make 1000 of clones, quikly..So doing such a sell.. could be a try out. to se if customers would buy it…

As we all knows.. Chine growers sow seeds of the peonies and sell the ones looking alike as the named peony.. they do it with their P.suffruticosa.. and P.rockii

But you and i knows that the most of this Corals.. do not set seeds.. But micro propagation is possible.

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