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The question about easier ways of Registering
Is NO..
– beside the registering of a cultivar, there is also many years of growing the new cultivar and growing it under different lokations, it has to be different to what is already made.. and more things.. that an registrar has to examine
But..We are in a time where things are changing.. and we can not control what will come into the marked, even we knows it is the best thing – In our way of living

Chine s and other countries have other ways of doing things.. But exspecialy the customers

Beeing on this marked in nearly 20 years have learned me.. Customers give a damm in.. registering or who is having the control.. they want cheep..peonies

And the chinese and maybe also some of the new countries that has a cheaper growing condition and worker paying.. could choose.. Their way

They could very easy. .take over the whole marked

Unless We learn to cooperate.. and not fight each other
To me this is the way we should chooose

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