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I’m working with the Windflowers here at my place. I just have one seedling I’ve bloomed so far, from Late Windflower x Lemon Chiffon, but unlike the LSW clan, it is indeed tall like the Windflowers, and has side buds under good growing conditions as the Windflowers do. Laddie would seem to be where the shortness comes from in the LSWs and The Little Corporal.

Bill mentions crossing back to Sparkling Windflower, and I have indeed done that with the seedling mentioned above, and with luck it should be blooming next year. With Windflower (Early and Late) on both sides of this cross, I’m expecting even more of the Windflower qualities to be displayed, but in a seedling that’s tetraploid, and thus easier to work with than the presumably diploid Windflowers are.

My sense is that it’s like Bill said : The further one strays away from the original Windflowers, the weaker their influence becomes.

Bob Johnson

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