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There were a few tags with numbers on them but since I don’t know his numbering system, the numbers aren’t much help.  For example, the tag on the second picture was H21.  I assume it was some type of hybrid, but not much more than that.

I’m also not sure how much faith to put in the labels.  I found a marker which said ‘CONNIE’ which I assumed was his ‘Connie Varner’ but when it bloomed it was white and not hot pink as described in the registration.

That being said , I did dig some plants that I am still hopeful will be true.  I dug one which was America x Moonrise #6015 which is how he registered Inspiration and another which had on the tag ‘Devoted Greta or Sib’.  Another tag which intrigued me was ‘MR x S Boy’ which I am assuming is his Major Steve x Sunny Boy.  I’ve probably got about 100 plants, but can’t be certain what they are or if they might even be other people’s plants.  Makes me wonder if dna testing will be practical some day for plants.

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