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No, they won’t. The problem there is that Facebook doesn’t allow other websites to extract posts from groups, only public pages can be used (and #hashtags not at all). Thus the public pages of several peony societies and peony nurseries are placed together on this site on the homepage under their own section, which gives a clear overview I think. But those societies that use ‘groups’ instead of pages (for example: the Swedish Peony Society) are not available. That also encompasses very popular groups like planet peony (that want to reach as many people as possible), and smaller more specialized peony species groups (that probably want to keep their discussions to themselves anyway).

It works however on Instagram (and Twitter), be it a business account or a personal account. All one has to do is use the hashtag #thepeonysociety when posting a peony image and when our server looks for updates on instagram it will collect the posts with it, after which they will appear here. Currently they will simply appear under the ‘peonies on social media’ section on the homepage. If peony season is amongst us, or if people start posting some peony images they already have, I can easily create another section on the homepage where they will automatically appear then, maybe I should already do that. Most posts in the section ‘peonies on social media’ are moderated for different reasons and are somewhat delayed until I can look at them, but posts with that hashtag #thepeonysociety are added automatically without moderation.

If you want to post your images in the group planet peony, you could also first post them on Instagram (with #thepeonysociety added) and then simply share them on facebook planet peony, which is what we also did with our trial image post on Instagram. Instagram was created to share images, so it works well this way. If you do it that way, they can be viewed on Instagram, Facebook and here.

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