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Koen, you Beaut!!! First you say you know nothing about Kao, and then you proceed to give me  information about it,  not from one but three different sources! =)  Yes, this is absolutely the same cultivar as mine, and as long as no-one calls it COW, I’m fine with any other spelling… I will definately look up Martin Pages book, but since I am especially interested in tree peonies at the moment (particularily since they are still rather rare in Finland due to our climate – which is ofcourse rapidly changing as I’m sure we’re all well aware of…) I’m exhilarated to receive the knowledge of this Ukrainian peony suppliers and Carsten Burkhardts web pages!

You have delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for, Koen, thank you!

Looking forward to this little plant growing into a true King of Flowers!


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