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As with anything it seems there’s a difference of opinion.

For instance, customers purchasing peonies can only select from those which are available. Importing is an option, but even that becomes cost-prohibitive to a point.

While I will likely never be defined as someone who purchases peonies (or anything for that matter) by choosing the cheapest option – I can be counted on to select on hardiness/suitability, availability and finally personal preference & characteristics of the item in question.

And finally, there are people who just do not care one iota if their flowers are sitting in the mud or heaped over due to a heavy rain, they can not be bothered to care about it, nor would they spend one second considering a peony cage.

There are peonies growing here that came with the house and are of the older variety. It doesn’t do them any justice IMHO to leave them in a heap, but to each their own.



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