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Hi Carsten

No i will not participate in this conference – the only thing i have done with this, to me many mails about buying their tree peonies.. was to give them some advise..

As they grow use to grow their tree peonies by seedlings.. and the seedlings that looked as some of the named ones, they gave the seedling.. the name –  it was not, as we most do in western way
– where only a division or an scion of the true name, could have the name.

My advise to them was – find a chinese person living in some of the countries you want to get into, a person who could be able of buying or storing this huge amount of . 1 kind – you need for selling – and let this person divide this amount, as nurseries only need few of each and privat buyers mostly only buy 1 of a kind.

Now it seems as they have listen to it, and begin to do so, i only know of few nurseries that are interested in or able to.. store or grow on 1000 or more of 1 kind tree peonies. – as they needed for ordering.

I did once import some tree peonies in small amount from China.. but they where not hardy.. so they all did die – as they also are not aware of.. that our northern countries have very cold winters with many degree frost – down to under minus 20

They did not either show interest in, if the person they sell to.. has the import licence, so many also have had tree peonies arrived in their airport.. but with no licence.. they where now able to get them into their country.. and then their gowerment destroy them.. if you are not able to pay for sending them back to the seller in china.

Also to me.. it was strange.. to hear about tree peony seeds pressed to get oil from them, as they have such a huge mass, that they did found out to do so – here every 1 seed is importend to grow.

But i have tried the peony medicine, and it worked out fine, but do not have the extra resource to import it and sell it.

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