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Hi Hannah
I am a member of the Peony society..if you are interested i can share the seed list that comes from this years growing – But.. you will have to know.. many of this seedlings is open pollinated..

so the seeds is : Of this mother peony ( name ) – and the father is often open pollinated ( pollen )
This means that it is NOT the same peony .. as the mother ( named )

That why.. we have to call it – From..and the name..
As each peony has ( now a day huge amount of dna inside, as it is crossed many times to get their final amount ) – when this ( huge amount ) is crossed with a father ( pollen ) peony – also with ( huge amount ) dna – the resoult is not at all the same. – and even if it has self pollinated, the resoult will be different as new places of dna taking place by weather – season – health – maturement.

BUT – anyway – if you will like to buy some seeds from the society you can join my list, if your interested.

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