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Hi Hannah
Sounds good.. that you do them indoors and having other seeds to combine with..
Many peony species need som frost to germinate.. but what you should be aware now is..
When you have startet the proces inside the seed. not visible.. and the seed has taken up.. moisture is.. they are alive inside..suddenly frost could kill them now

.. so i recomment you do another shift.. buying yourself a temometer.. one for the cooler can do it.. they are not expensive.. one with frost and cold temperatures is good – Because the temp is very importend..

Move them to warmt now.. you can check if they have taken up the water.. by putting them into water with a something that takes fungus.. i use grapekernel oil.. but also Atamon can do it.. se if the are floating.. the ones that sink down to the bottom is good .. the one that stay at the top.. can have a hole in them or be no good..keep them there for some days.. in house temperature.. and the sort them.. only the sinkers can be used.. put them into the zip lock again.. and give them warmt again..

sometimes 3 month is not enough.. seeds vary so it can be longer or shorter.

The ones floating i would put into a pot and put them outside.. best having frost .. to se if they have the ablility to sprout naturaly..

Let us know whats is happening.. or you have more quest..

Greetings and good luck



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