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Roger, I have a slight seed addiction problem you could say ūüôā

At the moment I have no good space for all seedlings, so I have to plant them out with too little space between. This is a problem every year, but some how I have managed until now. I have no idea of where to plant all of these. But I¬īve been looking for a place for a while now, and hopefully I will find a small countryside house this year. Then my space issues will be solved for at least a year or two. Haha!

I don¬īt have any special plan for selection from these plants, since the seeds are just collected to not let them go to waste. The mother plants are nothing special. But the thought is that when I find my dream house, ll at least have plenty of peonies to decorate with, until the more interesting hand pollinated crosses starts to bloom. Also, it is always good to have plants as gifts or trades with other garden people.


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