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I didn’t know Bartzella was able to rebloom as well. At the time of the hail-storm I also had Bartzella, but it did not regrow. But as a cut flower Bartzella isn’t very interesting anyway, it doesn’t hold well in a vase, whereas Canary Brilliants does (though it opens fast). Some hybridizers cut off the first stems of a double-flowering variety to have the secondary buds start growing smaller stems with less double flowers in the hope of having more pollen or usable carpels. But that is usually done early in the season, say somewhere in March. With Canary Brilliants, if you do it shortly after it has flowered beginning June, it works, but if you wait a few weeks it’s not much worthwhile, it will regrow but you’ll hardly have any flowers. I do suppose there will be other intersectionals capable of regrowth this way, but these last years I haven’t bought any new ones, thus I have only tried the older ones (mostly from Roger Anderson).

This is what they looked like back then, June 7th, 2014

7 juli hagelstorm26 pioen voor

I didn’t take photos of them at reblooming time then, but here they are in a vase that Summer, somewhere at the end of July, beginning of August:



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