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      Why don’t I write the first topic post myself? If you look at a page on Carsten Burkhardt’s website, you’ll see that an American, Galen Burrell, has crossed several species amongst themselves. Several of them not used (or at least with no tangible result) by Saunders. He has used cambessedesii for one, and also parnassica. He does report some successes. I would really love to obtain some of these plants if they are somewhere available (I’m quite sure Galen himself is no longer around anymore unfortunately), but I have no idea as to where to obtain them. I know of one grower who has ‘Annika’, so that’s a start, but all the other plants he produced, where might they have gone? If anybody would have an idea?

      This is the page on Carsten’s website:


      Best regards,

      koen hurtekant

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      I’ve always found Galen Burrell’s inter-species work very interesting also. I still have an old Galen Burrell price list (2005) in my files, and would have uploaded it here but I can’t find out how to do that – I think we can only upload pictures and not .doc or .xls files?

      I have no idea what happened to Galen’s stock. Maybe Bob Johnson knows?
      More breeders are collecting species plants to include them in their hybridizing program. Recently I heard that Peter Waltz is also still into breeding with peonies, and that he is focusing on working with species. It is great that the species are gaining more attention again, it will be more than interesting to see results popping up in future years.


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      Hello Ruud,

      I’ve added the possibility to add such attachments (.doc, .xls, .pdf…) as well. At least here in the general forums (although not in the ‘gallery’, and in the group forums I’ve disabled it as they have their own ‘files’ section, which is easier I think). So you could attach that Galen Burrell catalog/price list.

      I hadn’t heard anything about Peter Waltz in a long time. I once tried to contact him, but to no avail. Galen reports that he did send species pollen to him, so chances are he has quite some interesting results as well. Next to that, I think many people are very eager to know what happened to Green Tourmaline, which was featured once in the Bulletin.

      All the best,




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      Hi again Koen,

      Attached that 2005 price list I was talking about. It contains some interesting things.
      I noticed Peter Waltz has a Facebook-profile also, but doesn’t seem very active there. Nice to know he is still playing with peonies, isn’t it.

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      Many years ago I had the chance to visit Galen’s home and see his plants. I believe I may have been tagging along with Dick Westland when Dick was visiting here in the States. This was when I was first becoming familiar with peonies, and knew little about the species, so I didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation I’m afraid.   I remember what impressed me most was the small size of Galen’s garden, how most of his plants were grown in fairly dense shade, and just how vigorous and happy and terrifically enormous they looked under those shady conditions. I believe most of these plants were Moloko seedlings.  I had a plant of ‘Sydney’ and it’s main ornamental feature was it’s beautiful powdery red foliage during it’s early development.  If it’s fragile cupped single flowers lasted for more that two or three days it was doing well. It grew for me for 6 0r 7 years here, before disappearing one winter.

      My sense is that he must have sold a number of the species things on his sales list, but I don’t know of anyone who may have them.  His operation was quite small when I saw it.

      Peter Waltz may be the one to talk to about this.  I had a chance to see some of Peter’s hybrids once, but he was not there to let me know what they involved.  The ones I saw all seemed to involve regular herbaceous hybrids on one side, and something else on the other.  He spoke to our group once, again, many years ago, and mentioned that at that time he was interested in tall plants with interesting foliage, and the plants I saw were indeed tall and fairly lanky.  I used the pollen of one of them on Salmon Dream, and I believe we still have the nicest of the resulting seedlings at Adelmans somewhere.  It is also tall, lanky with many side buds, like it’s now-gone parent, and is quite vigorous.  I may have a few seedlings using it’s pollen coming along at Adelmans too, but I don’t have my notes with me at the moment.


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