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      'Bartzella' x 'Lemon Chiffon' (180525)Apparently there’s some interest into the current state of peony back crossing. @benedictedefoucaud asked about this (in french) “Bonjour, je cherche des informations sur les back crossing de pivoines pratiqués en ce moment. merci.”

      I guess she’s not referring to simply backcrossing a (lactiflora) cultivar to one of its parents which is nothing unusual, but rather to the intersectional crosses between the herbaceous (hybrid) plants and the shrubby ones. By sheer coincidence I just happened to have received an email with some information about this.

      Some current backcrosses (none of them my own), the few creamy white plants (in front of the pink one) you can see in the image left are from Bartzella x Lemon Chiffon. According to the hybridizer (Hans Maschke) they are healthy and vigorous plants, but the deep yellow from Bartzella is gone there.

      One of the plants from this cross did however turn out to have a different and attractive colour, it’s an image I’ve already seen shared on Facebook:

      B-5 (180522)

      There are already some seedlings from the generation after this. In the words of Hans Maschke himself:

      The best part may be that these results of backcrosses have enhanced fertility (not very much but usable). I obtained some seeds from crossing the seedlings with each other, with my three Itoh cultivars and an own Itoh seedling and with herbaceous hybrids. The latter cross is the most prolific but the least rewarding, perhaps, as the seedlings are furthest away from the Itoh ancestor. On the other hand, the sole seedling of ‘Lemon Chiffon’ x B-2 which emerged the first spring already after planting the seeds in September clearly exhibit Itoh traits in my view.

      Of course backcrossing the intersectional cross (usually ‘herbaceous’ x ‘shrubby’) means you could also backcross to the ‘shrubby’ one. Nate Bremer seems to have been successful trying to do just that. The last image is ‘Bartzella’ x ‘Lutea Hybrid’.

      Bartzella x LH Bremer



      Growing peonies for cutflowers in Belgium. Also hybridizing them.

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      Достижения Hans Maschke впечатляют. У меня на ИТО семена появлялись крайне редко и они не прорастали. В прошедшем сезоне я нашел всего одно семя на Bartzella от свободного опыления. Очень жаль что подобной информации крайне мало.

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      I find this very interesting. The fertility in ithos is very low of course, but it seems that some varieties make seeds more frequently than others, and some are completely steril. I’d like to see a list of the “fertile” ones!

      Bartzella is one for sure!

      I hope the breeders focusing on Intersectionals will share their knowledge and statistics about this like Don Smith did in  the Paeonia newsletter.


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