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  • Yes, these things are certainly different than the lactiflora “cactus” things, and I’m excited by them myself.

    What I meant about varieties perhaps getting worse referred to some experiences I had this year.  We had a  long row of “advanced selections” which were basically divisions which were taken from seedlings which had not been divided b…[Read more]

  • Those are truly nice flowers. Don’t know about the bush habit and other characteristics, but would you expect the flowers to change a lot when the plants are more mature? From single to double, sure, but these are (airy) doubles and I guess the colour will not change as well. I really do like that flower form. There are several ‘cactus-dahlia’…[Read more]

  • Henry Chotkowski has mailed me the following images of White Vanguard, the ‘better’ one #79H14-1.

    First image shows the bush habit with free standing blooms and foliage to the ground; Photo 2 is a freshly opened bloom; and Photo 3 is a bloom a couple of days older.




  • While I don’t usually post pictures of my newest seedlings ( heaven only knows what they will look like when grown out further- sometimes they look worse rather than better… ) this should give you some idea of the ruffling I mentioned above.  P1070625




    I found this quote from Bill, when included as part of this particular conversation, to be quite interesting :

    “Wouldn’t ruffling… be great when added into some peony flowers.”

    I believe the seeds Bill mentions were some of the seeds I purchased from him, i.e. ‘Old Soldier x Valkyre’ of which a fair percentage  grew out into red doubles.…[Read more]

  • I live in the land of late freezes.  We live at 3,600′ at the base of the Cascade mountains in what is basically the desert.  Once it clears off at night, it’s normal for temperatures to drop into the high 20’s.  We’ll normally get some level of frost for many nights before bloom time.  It’s been my experience that buds remain more resistant to…[Read more]

  • Luriel,

    I doubt that it’s micropropagation, if it has anything to do with the Corals !  They corals are  the very easiest peonies to propagate quickly, because of their adventitious nature, and would be the last peonies that one would want to use micropropagation on !

    Having said that, while intersectionals have been successfully m…[Read more]

  • ginta-abolte became a registered member 1 week ago

  • An interesting topic and most people that grow peonies will have experienced some frost damage at one time or another.  I’ve been looking for some more information about it and especially on what cultivars might fare best.

    In a post dated April 5th 2013 by Henry Chotkowski (who posted the original topic here) on the Yahoo Peonybreeders forum,…[Read more]

  • Henry posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Recent correspondence between Henry Chotkowski and Don Hollingsworth

    Don, great to hear from you. I talked to a couple of plant people from the U of Arkansas at our open house this Mother’s Day, one whose main focus was stem berries, especially blackberries and raspberries. Her thoughts were to bred for resistance to late freezes that kill p…[Read more]

  • Nearly all peony lovers will know “Carsten Burkhardt’s Web Project Paeonia” that lists thousands of peonies, both registered and unregistered, with descriptions and images. There’s also a library of peony articles, Saunders crosses and links to sources of peonies. It would be the best peony site on the web if it were still up-to-date, but adding…[Read more]

  • rob became a registered member 3 weeks, 2 days ago

  • Well, I have a strange plant, bought as caucasica seed a long time ago. A weak plant, divided and lost most of them, but all white. First seed pod is open, but take a look at the unfertilized ones, that ain’t no red 😳


  • Koen added 4 new photos 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Just home from a holiday in Italy, reblooming peonies ready to harvest back home. Will write an article about the results, but not today 😉

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  • Sirpa became a registered member 1 month ago

  • The question about easier ways of Registering
    Is NO..
    – beside the registering of a cultivar, there is also many years of growing the new cultivar and growing it under different lokations, it has to be different to what is already made.. and more things.. that an registrar has to examine
    But..We are in a time where things are changing.. and we can…[Read more]

  • My first thought is that it could very well be – Micro propagation !!

    – If Coral Charm.. has been under the program where you can propagate by micro propagation
    we growers are seeing that –  when you propagate this way. other genes can be active.. and other.. as here colors
    Also as you mention.. the operater could be interested in removing the…[Read more]

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