The Peony Society

Jan 2019

Alaska Peony Growers Association Winter Conference – Jan 24th - Jan 27th

Apr 2019

Centro Botanico Moutan Garden – Apr 10th - May 20th
Pivoines Rivière Nursery & Garden – Apr 15th - Jun 7th
Peony's Envy display garden – Apr 26th - Jun 9th

May 2019

American Peony Society 2019 Convention – May 15th - May 19th
Graefswinning spring peony weekend – May 25th - May 26th

Jun 2019

Graefswinning spring peony weekend – Jun 1st - Jun 2nd
Hidden Springs Flower Farm Peony Show – Jun 7th - Jun 9th
Oshawa Peony Festival – Jun 15th - Jun 16th
Canadian Peony Society National Show – Jun 20th - Jun 23rd

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