Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) herewith our privacy policy:

  1. A few cookies are set by your browser when you visit our site. Only those necessary to enhance your browsing experience and some analytical tools (for us to see what information visitors find most interesting, where they’re from and how they got here) are used. You can find more detailed information below in our ‘cookies policy’.
  2. If you register for the site then a profile of you is stored on the webserver. Your username, first name, e-mail and password are the only things required to register. If you register through your facebook account, then your e-mail and name is stored automatically. You can choose whether or not your profile will be included in the members database and you can choose who can see your profile. Your e-mail address is never shared and only used by the site itself to send you some mails, these may either be necessary or informative (you can opt out of the latter if you so like).
  3. Registering and logging in gives you added functionalities. Some of these are: writing comments, topics, replies, articles, post updates and images, add files, send public or private messages and chat. These, together with the time and date they were submitted, are stored on the webserver. Most of these are viewable for every visitor of the site, except for the private messages and chats of course.
  4. Data minimisation: all data stored is necessary and used solely for the purpose of giving you the possibility to interact with other members and to share knowledge about peonies.
  5. None of all this data shall be shared with third parties.
  6. Right of access and data portability: you can download all stored data we have about you: 
  7. Right of rectification: when logged in, you can modify the details of your account.
  8. Right to be forgotten: when logged in, you have the possibility to delete your account.
  9. If you have any other question or complaint about your privacy, you can ask the webmaster, who is also the Data Protection Officer (DPO): 
  10. Breach notifications: in case of any data breaches, the Belgian Data Protection Agency (DPA), known as the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (CPP), shall be informed. Every user of the website shall also be informed right away.
  11. If you feel your privacy concerns are not met here, the Belgian DPA is also the place to go to.


And here’s our cookies policy:

Our own (first-party) cookies help us:
Determining if you are logged in or not
Save you having to login every time you visit the site
Allow you to share pages with social networks like Facebook or Twitter
Personalise our site for you (your account pages and some more)
Remembering if you have accepted our privacy policy
Showing you which topics/replies you have already seen in the forum
Third party cookies that are set:
We do not use cookies to:
Collect any personally identifiable information
Collect any sensitive information
Pass data to advertising networks
Pass personally identifiable data to third parties
Pay sales commissions
Granting us permission to use cookies
Because we do not use any non-essential cookies, we do not explicitly (through a pop-up or banner) ask you to agree with our cookies policy (‘informed consent’). It is thus implicitly assumed that, by using our website, you agree with this policy.



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