SPIN (Species Peonies International Network) aims to improve the availability of true species peonies. If  you have some species plants and are willing to help us, then please add your plants to our list. This can easily be done by using the form below. There’s a seed exchange where you can ask for or supply seeds. Seed requests are only for those already on the list and willing to supply seeds. As the goal is also to help restore them in their native habitat, botanic gardens and scientists can request seeds without being on the list and will receive priority over others.

More detailed info on the goals of SPIN can be found in the article ‘Restoring the peony species’.

For any questions you’d like to ask about SPIN, here’s the SPIN group page.

Paeonia mascula ssp hellenica on Evia island (Greece) - Copyright Liberto Dario

Paeonia mascula ssp hellenica in Greece
Copyright Liberto Dario

Add my plant to the species listing of SPIN

One species plant per submission please, so that each plant will have the most information possible. Please only add plants which have flowered at least once.

Information about you

Questions to be answered only once:

Information about your species plant

You may use 'older' names as we have a list of most synonyms.
From what region/country it originates, where you obtained it, your own garden name for it, if it needs special care, some special characteristics, etc...
Most plants will be 'garden hybrids', grown from seeds that were open pollinated. Only tick another button if you're sure.
How well does your plant resemble the average species plant description? Only tick another button if you're rather sure.
If you have a digital image of your plant, please upload it here
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