May 17th - May 28th    
11:00 - 18:30


Styer\'s Peonies
4313 South Creek Rd, Chadds Ford, PA
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Styer’s Peonies LLC

Come and see 55,000 peony plants, 100 varieties on 25 acres located in the beautiful rolling hills of the historic Brandywine Valley.

Opens on 5/17/19 closes on 5/28/19 – 11.00am until 6.30pm
Ticket sales and reservations are limited!

Take a walk, see the beauty, bring lunch or a snack and a camera. We will be selling cut flowers at the gate and root orders will be taken for fall shipment.
Much like today, historically there were peonies in the most lavish, and the most simple of gardens for both citifolk and farmers. Back in the day they were loved by all, however, there were no cut flowers available for purchase. So J.Franklin Styer, a Quaker and a botanist, decided to change that forever. Firstly he supplied the casinos in Atlantic City, and thus he was able to open up the market in NYC, selling to both wholesalers on 28th street, and florists on Madison Ave. In the 1920’s, and through the depression, he believed that selling fresh cut peonies was a viable option. Like his father who had the original vision to create a mushroom market in Kennett Square, our neighboring town, he was RIGHT!!!!
Today, the Styer’s collection has been greatly expanded. We maintain the passion, enthusiasm, and downright obsession for peonies. Styer’s Peonies grows on a combination of 120 acres in 3 climatic zones, which provide excellent conditions for the approx. 200 varieties in our portfolio.

We want to SHARE the FLOWERS, come and feel the EXCITEMENT first hand!!!
Absolutely NO DOGS or CLIPPERS!!!!
Tickets: www.eventbrite.com
www.styerspeonies.com (610) 616-3839

4313 South Creek Rd Chadds Ford, PA

VR, 17 MEI – 28 MEI
4313 South Creek Rd Chadds Ford Pa

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