Older Bulletins from the American Peony Society (APS) can be read here. Except for a few missing issues all are available up through 2005. For current APS Bulletins and other benefits please consider membership in the APS.

Paeonia was an international newsletter for peony hybridizers and can be read here. It was published quarterly from April 1970 to spring 2002.

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May 2024

<strong>Adelman Peony Gardens Open House</strong>
<strong>United States</strong>, May 1st - Jun 15th <br><strong>Whistling Gardens Peony Collection</strong>
<strong>Canada</strong>, May 4th - Oct 1st <br>

Jun 2024

<strong>Saaremaa Peony Festival</strong>
<strong></strong>, Jun 8th - Jun 30th <br>

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Peony species

For an overview and more details about peony species

Hybridizer's corner

For those hybridizing with peonies

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