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    The Peony Society posted in the group Species Peonies International Network (SPIN)

    3 weeks, 6 days ago

    The new database of SPIN plants is ready I think. I’ve been adding the plants in the old list to the new one, although there’s no real automatic way to do that and I have to do this manually. It may take a little more time to add the last ones of them. But in ways of functionality I think it is more or less finished. I would appreciate any comments that might improve it more. For now you can simply add your plants one by one, images included. They will show up in the list and people can view them and contact you through the usual message system of the site. Your e-mail address is thus never revealed. When adding a plant it is automatically linked to your profile, but you can add more info about your plants in general when also filling out a ‘SPIN’ membership. I’ll try adding the last plants from the old list to the new one the following weeks and hope to get some people to add more plants to it so it becomes more interesting. The right sidebar gives the links to the overview of plants and also to the ‘dashboard’ where you can see an overview of your membership info and your own plants.

    In the meantime, here’s an image of my small seedling of P. sterniana, seems to grow quite alright for the time being.

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