Section 2A. Albiflorae
Roots more or less carrot-shaped. Leaves glabrous or with bristles along veins on the upper surface. Flowers usually several per stem, in a cyme, rarely solitary, or solitary but often with undeveloped (sterile) flower buds at axilssepals mostly caudate at the apex. Almost all diploid with 2n=10 (P. emodi with a tetraploid population, 2n=20, in S Xizang (Tibet).
Included species (5):
Paeonia anomala
Paeonia emodi
Paeonia lactiflora
Paeonia sterniana
Paeonia veitchii
Distribution: all the species in Paeonia sect. Albiflorae are found in Asia, but with the range of P. anomala extending into north-eastern Europe (Kola of Russia)

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