Section 2D. Corallinae
Roots carrot-shaped. Lower leaves biternate; leaflets/leaf segments usually numbering 9 or more but fewer than 21 (up to 32 in P. broteri and 95 in P. clusii); leaves always glabrous above. Flowers always solitary and terminal; sepals mostly rounded at the apex. Both diploid and tetraploid with 2n=10 and 2n=20.
Included species (9)
Paeonia algeriensis
Paeonia broteri
Paeonia cambessedesii
Paeonia clusii
Paeonia coriacea
Paeonia corsica
Paeonia daurica
Paeonia kesrouanensis
Paeonia mascula
Distribution: S Europe, NW Africa and W Asia (From the western Mediterranean to Iran).

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