Paeonia / Subgenus 1. Moutan / Section 1b. Moutan
Source: De-Yuan, Hong. “Peonies of the world. Part III Phylogeny and evolution.” Royal Botanic Gardens: Kew, 2021, p. 216

Shrubs up to 2 m tall. Flowers solitary on top of branches, not in a cyme. Disk leathery, enveloping carpels by half or entirely until mid-anthesis. Carpels mostly 5, less often 3 or 4 in number.

Included species (7):
Paeonia decomposita (Hand.-Mazz.)
Paeonia rotundiloba (D.Y. Hong)(D.Y. Hong)
Paeonia rockii (S.G. Haw & Lauener)(T. Hong & J.J. Li ex D.Y. Hong)
Paeonia ostii (T. Hong & J.X. Zhang)
Paeonia jishanensis (T. Hong & W.Z. Zhao)
Paeonia qiui (Y.L. Pei & D.Y. Hong)
Paeonia cathayana (D.Y. Hog & K.Y. Pan)

Endemic to China: N & W Sichuan, SE Gansu, Shaanxi, Hubei, Henan, SW Shanxi, and C Anhui

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