• Just a small anecdote about a rare peony species P. sterniana. Last year I lost my only small plantlet of this species, even though I tried my best giving it good growing conditions. It was a small root that I received from the Edinburgh Botanical Garden (in Scotland that is). As far as I knew they had the only true plants of this species outside…Read More

    • good luck pulling the plants and lots of grit under the roots.

    • A good new. Unfortunalely, as you say, this species is unavailable. In its habitat in South-East Tibet (Xizang), only a few hundreds of plants grow. However if seeds where distributed to growers with the aim to preserve the species, this beautiful peony could be seen in protected collections and maybe, why not, reintroduced in its natural habitat.

      • @phenix Alain, My aim is twofold here. 1. As with most peony species I grow, I’d like to hybridize them with more recent advanced hybrids. And 2. Make them available to more people. To give that the best of chances I’ve also sent some divisions and seedlings to other (more) experienced peony species growers. It’s best not to put all your eggs in…Read More

    • I hope you have success in growing this rare, desirable but very difficult peony. Good luck Koen!

  • Got a seedling 2015 from Teppi and it had rather small and not very attractive flowers, but there was something about the color of the flower that appealed to me. The leaves were stout and quite tall, so I suspected that the flowers would develop as the root grew larger. Today it makes single and semi-double flowers now and the color is really…Read More

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    • Great plants, you sure have a nice collection of species plants! P. jishanensis I’ve not often seen before. I’m only vaguely aware of the differences between species tree peonies (I’m mostly into herbaceous ones), but the foliage of this one reminds me a bit of P. decomposita (short, lobed leaflets). Pretty plant! Thanks for posting!

      • Hi Koen, I got the P. jishanensis from Giessler , i had a P.decomposita ssp. rotundiloba once too , it didn’t make it – good drainage, a slightly raised planting site or a slope as a planting site are advantageous. Dick Westland also has the P. jishanensis in culture. With mine I have taken 2 scions u. grafted on P. lactiflora – roots – am…Read More

        • Yes, I noticed Giessler had it in his catalogue. I’ve read it also grows from shoots that appear further along its roots, helping it to spread. I used to have several P. decomposita grown from seed in the past, but the only one left here is also somewhat struggling. The advise you give about growing them are things I also try doing, but it seems…Read More

          • Yes, it is true – the P. jishanensis forms runners from the rootstock – by the way also a characteristic of P. qiui . These runners are allowed to grow a little stronger and are separated from the rootstock in the fall, leaving a young plant without grafting or pollinating. Over the young plant I give a large pot from October to March (like a…Read More

  • Paeonia daurica ssp. coriifolia ( ruprechtiana )

  • Paeonia morisii – Flowering time here in the low mountains of Germany is about the end of April / beginning of May

  • Paeonia veitchii ssp. woodwardii var. alba – Flowering time here in the low mountains of Germany is about the end of May

  • Paeonia qiui in March 2023

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