Seedling RELSW6. Parentage: ‘Roselegance’ x LSW6. SINGLE. Named for the stature of Napoleon Bonaparte. ‘Little Corporal’ is a short plant that reaches a maximum height of 20 inches. Foliage is broad with points and is a deep green. Foliage, stature and flower are unique and will not be confused with other reds from P. peregrina lineage. One brilliant single rose red flower is carried on a sturdy stem. Flowers have a large ring of yellow stamens carried on white filaments with red bases. Carpels are green tipped with rose red stigmas. Entire flower is very symmetrical. Flowers face upward. Bloom period is early-mid season. Plants are fast growing and floriferous. Readily produces seed, but no pollen. Of interest for hybridizing due to unusual pedigree. ‘Little Corporal’s pod parent, ‘Roselegance’ is extinct and is the product of (‘Salmon Dream’ x ‘Lemon Chiffon’). Pollen parent was Seidl seedling LSW6 (‘Laddie’ x ‘Sparkling Windflower’), a single red. Genetics for double flowers are contained within ‘The Little Corporal’ via ‘Roselegance’ and this has been demonstrated in crosses at Solaris Farms. As a short front of the garden peony it is outstanding for color and plant form. Could easily be used in rock gardens.


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