Single lutea hybrid tree peony. Parentage, Reaths A197 x Daphnis numbered seedling, light yellow. First bloomed 1983 (six blossoms). Lavender, darker flares, selected for its smooth orchid-lavender coloring a break-through derived from two light yellow parents. Darker burgundy flares; anthers are light yellow without pollen, light filaments shade to purple base; carpels and stigma are green, 10-12 petals. Foliage and fragrance are typical lutea hybrid. About 30 inches tall in this climate. Terminal buds bloom, one per stem. Dieback has occured at -15° F without protection, followed by sparse bloom and strong basal growth. Has set some viable seeds by Chinese Dragon and CD seedling. Named in memory of my mother. Seedling # A1-13.


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