Seedling 45-2008. Parentage lost, but from open pollinated seeds collected in originator’s garden. First bloomed 2012. First propagated 2013. SINGLE. Two rows of glossy dark red petals, cupped, generally rounded, though some are deeply notched up to half their length. Large flowers (18 cm, 7 inches), 4 to a stem. Narrow white flare on backs of petals extends half their length. Carpels very hairy with rose colored stigmas having normal anatomy. Stamens and pollen. Filaments red at the base, pink at the ends. Fertile. Blooms held well above the foliage. Fragrant. Broad-pointed foliage. Upright self-supporting growth to 38 inches (96 cm). Named for the originator’s Mother. — “It is upright and sturdy, requiring no support, and carries up to four side buds, with blooms held well above the foliage. This parallels the best Mother ever, who (in her nineties, still very active and living in her own home in England) is much loved by her four children. I selected it also for its flower form which opens as a tall dark red tulip-shaped bloom and remains partially cupped for a long time before the petals open right out/horizontal. It is very pleasantly fragrant and as a clump is very eye-catching amongst my hundreds of other peonies. The tall stems also make it ideal as a cut flower.” — Valerie Ames


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