Blonde Vision

Group: HH

Year Registered: 2010

Breeder/registrant: Hollingsworth

Parentage: Sunny Boy x Nancy

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Seedling # 2555. Parentage: ‘Sunny Boy’ x ‘Nancy’. First propagated prior to 1990. A very DOUBLE form, many petals lightly cupped and incurved in a neatly sculptured 6 inch or larger flower. The color is light yellow (RHS 4C-11C) with soft red highlights at center, pink (RHS 53D-54A) and a reddish glow from the depths of the flower, arising from red-pink flares (RHS 54A) at the petal bases, though flares themselves are normally obscured. Generally one flower per stem on a 30-34 inch spreading bush, which holds together well while in flower. While both are generally rare, some flowers will have a few natural stamens and small carpels with normal stigmas. Carpels are a creamy color, sparsely covered in fine hairs. Medium green leaflets. presumed tetraploid, Early Midseason, it flowers about the same time or shortly before Red Charm. No fragrance. A gorgeous flower when it is right. However, the developing buds are vulnerable to late freeze injury, suffering frost damage most seasons in American Central Midwest climate. Recommended for landscape use only in regions that do not experience harsh cold fronts during spring warm up. This plant is an important example of attainable breeding goals in the development of early flowering fully doubled flower forms in the modern early hybrids, the name registered now to preserve its history.

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