Caiyun Fei

Group: Suffruticosa

Year Registered: 2015

Breeder/registrant: Lian-ying Wang, Tao Yuan, Fu Wang, Qing-dao Li, Yan-tong Shi, Jun Ma

Parentage: unknown x unknown

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Parentage unknown. First year bloomed 2004; first propagated 2004. SINGLE. One flower per stem. Loose cup-shaped white flower with purple flares, flares extending 20–30% from petal base, bleeding edge. Flower size 18 cm (7 inches). Carpels 5 on average, pale green, with light yellow stigmas. Stigmas have normal morphology and are capable of seed formation. Pollen bearing stamens, filaments light purple in color. Light purple sheath. Not fragrant. The foliage may be of more interest than the flower. Yellow and green foliage on emergence from ground. Coloration may present as solid yellow or as mottling. On young foliage there may be pinkish red striping but this fades out by late spring or summer. Color transmits to seedlings. Tall plant to 150 cm (59 inches) at maturity. Mid/late season bloom. Granted Breeder’s Rights in 2014 by the Office of Protection of New Varieties of Plants, State Forestry Bureau of China.

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