Canary Brilliants

Group: Itoh

Year Registered: 1999

Breeder/registrant: Anderson, R. F.

Parentage: Martha W. x Daphnis D-75

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Herbaceous x tree hybrid. Pollen parent. D-75. Seed parent. ‘Martha W.’ seedling. First bloomed 1989. First propagated 1992. Yellow, semi-double to double. Height 26-28″. Light beige in bud, opening semi-double to full double. Some blooms remain light yellow while others become very brilliant in color. This is a very deceiving plant. It has long stems and good green foliage. Should make a good cut and drying flower. No pollen or seeds.

Awared of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘Canary Brilliants’ (Anderson, R.F., 1999) Itoh Group, Yellow Semi-double, Mid-season to early late-season, 26″ (although accounts of height to 32″ have been reported). — A somewhat variable bloom that at its best is a full semi-double, with six or more layers of creamy apricot yellow petals. The interiors of the petals are more hue saturated, with faint traces of red flares in evidence at the base of the innermost petals. Multiple ghost green carpels (up to a dozen), encompassed by cream colored sheaths, are tipped pink and are surrounded by a ring of infertile yellow stamens. Blooms hold their form well as they mature to light ye llow. Plants are covered all over, from top to bottom, with conical buds that pop open intermittently over a 10–14 day period. At peak bloom, a plant holds a large contingent of attractive, well-apportioned blooms at varying stages of development. Blooms drain well. Foliage is to the ground, semi-glossy but not as finely cut as other Itoh hybrids; more like the foliage of Chinese tree peonies than that of the lutea hybrids. And, like its pollen parent the tree peony, its foliage remains cleaner than most herbaceous cultivars during the summer and into the fall. The bottom few inches of each stem are woody with the bulk of the stem herbaceous, strong and able to hold its flowers erect in most adverse weather conditions. ‘Canary Brilliants’ is compact, and at maturity because of a spreading underground crown, the bush is wider than it is tall. Dimension of a five year old plant can reach 26″ x 36″ (older plants can reputedly reach 4′ across). Propagate by division.


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