Seedling No. 1/85. Parentage: P. officinalis Rubra Plena (♀) x P. lactiflora cultivar (♂). Seeds sown in 1975, from which ‘Chaklunka’ was selected for propagation in 1985. Entered into the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine in 2004 (Certificate #04185). BOMB form having rounded guard petals (1¼-2 inches wide, 3-5 cm). These form a plate on which sits a tidy ball of inner petals. One flower per stem, large, with a diameter of 5-7 inches (15-17 cm). Dark velvety red color does not burn out (RHS 46-A). On average 3 carpels, smooth, greyed-yellow (RHS 161-D). Stigmas dark red (RHS 53-B) and of normal anatomy. Stamens absent, no seeds. Fragrance insignificant. Early to mid-season bloom period. Dark green foliage, the leaves large, with broad lobes. Plant habit semi-spreading, though the stems are thick and durable and mechanical support not needed. Plant height 35 to 39 inches (80 to 90 cm).


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