Group: Lactiflora

Year Registered: 2018

Breeder/registrant: Mooijekind

Parentage: Karl Rosenfield x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Parentage: ‘1, own translation:<br /> 'Karl Rosenfield' (Rosenfield, USA, 1908) Flowers dark carmine red with a blue purplish hue, double, mid early; leaves dark green, upperside of stems slightly brownred; height 80 cm; stems sturdy; number of stems good to very good. This much grown peony belonged to one of the most sold peonies at the Aalsmeer flower auction in 1996. Vase life is long, some 10-17 days. The flowers fade somewhat towards blue. The sturdy habitus makes this plant fit for the garden. It should be noted however, that this cultivar shows some susceptibility towards botrytis, but the good characteristics predominate so that we can review it positively.</p> </div>" href="">Karl Rosenfield’ open pollinated. Grown from seed from Canadian Peony Society Seed Exchange 2008, Lot #95. First bloomed 2015. Technically an ANEMONE form, but with petalodes so narrow it would be shown as Japanese at exhibition. Approximately 10 wine-red guard petals enclose a center of narrow petalodes of the same color. Flowers size 6½ inches (16 cm), three flowers per stem. Pleasing fragrance. Height to 36 inches (90 cm). Named for the great-grandson of the originator.

  1. Kortmann, J. "Paeonia: pioen." In: <em>Dendroflora</em>, 1998, vol 35, pp 58-95.[]


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