Group: Lactiflora

Year Registered: 1931

Breeder/registrant: Franklin

Parentage: x

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Very dark red Jap. Good upright grower, vigorous, late, 34 inches. An improvement on Fuyajo. Seedling # JE-3.

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘Charm’ (Franklin, 1931) Lactiflora Group, Late mid-season, 38? — A lustrous and satiny, dark red Japanese form bloom with a center of the same red petaloids, etched yellow. Stiff and relatively straight stems angle outward gracefully to form a very large, harmoniously mounded, fountain of blooms. An eight-year-old plant matures to 40 or so stems that emerge from a relatively compact area. Although individual blooms are at their peak for a shorter duration than those of other lactifloras, plenty of side buds help ‘Charm’ maintain its striking presence in the landscape. One of the later Japanese form peonies to bloom.

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