Parentage: Minnie Shaylor x Otto Froebel, first bloomed about 1965; seedling number unknown. Double hybrid, deep coral, flat form, reliable, stamens, pollen, no seeds, fragrant. Good substance. Good stem strength with excellent foliage, 34 inches, early, vigorous. Appears to be a sister seedling of Coral Charm. Mr. Wissing worked over 26 years to achieve these beautiful and unique coral hybrids. One bud per stem. Plant patent applied for.

Award of Landscape Merit (ALM) description: ‘Coral Sunset’ (Wissing, 1965) Herbaceous Hybrid, Semi-double, Early, 32? — Big (five inches across x two and a half inches deep), durable, semi-double, cupped shaped, coral-rose flowers, that open wider and turn the color of parchment as they age. Individual flowers retain their form and stay viable decorative elements for an exceptionally long time in situ. With occasional side buds helping to prolong the flowering period, blooms at different stages of development will be present on a single plant. Stems emerge yellow-green from the ground in the spring. Foliage is larger but less finely cut than that of ‘Coral Charm’ and remains attractive only when soil stays evenly moist throughout the season. It withstands late freezes in Arkansas (the freeze of 2007 being the exception), but may be injured in other regions where late freezes may be harsher or more untimely. Farther north, ‘Coral Sunset’ is reputed to survive severe winter cold down to -40º F. Increases slowly and matures to 18 stems on a ten-year-old plant . Mature roots are very long, with many never deeper than a few inches. Propagate by division or adventitious root. 2003 Gold Medalist

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    khurtekant 6 years ago

    Sam Wissing’s grandson posted this some time ago on Facebook.

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