Group: Lutea Hybrid

Year Registered: 2021

Breeder/registrant: Chow, F. & A.

Parentage: High Best x Xue Lian

Registration description:
Official registration can be found at: The American Peony Society

Parentage: Pod parent a Lutea Hybrids Group peony of unknown origin being marketed as “High Best.” Pollen parent ‘Xue Lian’ (Suffruticosa Group), one of the most common of the peonies derived from P. rockii marketed in China today. Very late season bloom. First year bloomed 2019, first propagated 2019. SEMI-DOUBLE, 7 inches in size (18 cm), with 1 or 2 sidebuds. Yellowish-cream petals washed pink. Dark purple flares extend 35% of petals’ length, with bleeding edges. Large guard petals to 3 inches width (7¾ cm). Petals overall evenly ruffled. Average of 5 carpels, pale green, sparsely hairy. Stigmas greenish-yellow having normal anatomy. Stamens lavender-purple at base, white at tips. Pollen absent. No fertility observed. Sheath complete, lavender-purple. Fragrant. Typical Lutea Hybrid foliage, yellow-green. Upright growth to 40 inches (101 cm). Named for Dezhong Chen, the father of Angela (Fuhui) Chow.


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